Add Durable Metal to Your Place of Business

Accent your building with metal plating in Sorrento & Lake Mary, FL

A lot of commercial locations see great results after getting metal plating installed. Specialty metal from Barncord Renovations LLC gives your business a sleek, modern feel that clients will really respond to.

While working with Crunch Fitness, our renovations experts installed decorative diamond plating along the walls. This puts visitors in the mood to work out and burn calories. No matter what you want your customers to feel when walking into your business, we can make it happen with metalwork.

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Fire-retardant paneling protects you and your clients

By installing fire-retardant paneling in your commercial location, you keep all occupants safe in the event of a fire. Taking preventive measures pays off in the long run and reflects well on your company.

We'll put up fire-retardant panels in kitchens and restaurants to stop the spread of grease fires. Kitchen safety practices are really important to keep up, especially in dining establishments.

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